MexicoI don't have any fiction prepared for posting right at the moment, but I wanted to make sure and get an entry off this week, so I'm leaving a few links here that have been inspirational this week.


This first one is a screenplay so brilliant I wish I had written it myself. I often read something that makes me think, “How can I possibly top something that cool?” And this is one such thing.


It's a rewriting of one of my favorite guilty pleasure movies, Hackers in the clockwork/steampunk genre. Well done. Clockers, by Holly Gramazio and Brendan Adkins.


The other thing I wanted to link to here is a piece in Project Gutenberg that I have been browsing, a collection of Nahuatl poetry presented side by side with the english translation.


It occurred to me that I've never read any Mexican Fantasy and that I probably would like to write some, so I've done a couple of ficlets about the modern return of Quetzalcoatl starting here.

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