The Kiss

The Kiss
This one I will just let stand on it's own. I'm kind of proud of this, though I must admit I started writing it just to try something with a "mature" tag.

Original ficlet here

It was the strangest thing. I don’t even really like girls, you know? But when I saw her get on the train, with her too-red hair and those wings I knew she was going to kiss me. I didn’t say anything, not at first.

Why was she even wearing those stupid fucking wings anyway? Undoubtedly just to get attention. Well it worked.

“Hi. I’m Inanna.” She had no shame. Talking to a total stranger like that.

“Uh yeah. Do I know you or something?” No one talked to other people on the train. No one.

She was smiling crookedly and looking up at me in a sort of sinister fashion. “Not yet, but you will.” She was short.

She walked towards me, her white skirt swishing against the dirty floor. There was no one else in the car with us, and I found myself feeling very uncomfortable. “I like your ears.” She said.

“What?” I backed against the wall, forgetting momentarily about the bunny ears I had on.

She put her arms around me then, and kissed me. Then, right before my eyes, she faded away into a cloud of sparkling dust.

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